About the surname

Schätzlein, also known as Schätzlin, Schäzlin, Scheczeln, Scheczlin, Schetzelin, Schetzelinus, Schetzlein, Schetzler, Schetzelin, Schetzlin, Schetzzelin, Schezel, Schezelein, Schezelin, Schezlein, Schezlin, Schezzelin, Schezzlin, anglicised Schaetzlein or Schatzlein, is most likely a surname of Franconian origin, as the family name suffix “-lein” is typical for that region.

The etymology is unclear; while Edmund Nied’s Fränkische Familiennamen urkundlich gesammelt und sprachlich gedeutet (1933) says that the meaning is clear, as a person with surname “Liebschatz” (lit. “dear darling”) appeared in another place under the name “Schätzlein” (in this context: “little darling”), this took place centuries after the first mentioning of Schätzlein. Other possible etymologies are “schätzen” (i.e. to taxate someone, as a name of a tax collector) or “Schatz” (i.e. “darling” or “treasure”).

The first documented mentions of each name variant known to me are:

  • Schezelin (1196)
  • Schezzelin (1250)
  • Schetzelinus (1260)
  • Schätzlein (1289)
  • Scheczlin (1303)
  • Schezzilin (1305)
  • Schezlin (1321)
  • Schetzelin (1322)
  • Schetzlin (1323)
  • Scheczeln (1350)
  • Schetzler (1385)